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I don't have many...yet...

KT P-32
KT P-11/40
KT Sub2k
Walther PPK
Beretta 96
Beretta 92 (Dep. issued for now. We get to buy them for $1 when we retire, so I consider it mine.) :)


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Really enjoyed looking at the toys on your site. Wow!

Best regards, Keys 8)

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Glad to be here!

Just a sampling of what is in my safe...

Ruger Bearcat
Ruger MK1
Grendel P-30
Kel-tec P-32 (Qty. 2)
Kel-tec P-3AT (Qty 2...1 is actually in my pocket)
Kel-tec P-11
Daewoo DP-51
Rossi 971
Kel-tec P-357
Steyr M-357
Kel-tec P-40
Steyr M-40
Daewoo DH-40
Charter Arms Bulldog
Colt Gold Cup Series 70 National Match

Ruger 10/22
Winchester 700
Ruger 44 Carbine
Marlin Camp 9 Carbine
Kel-tec Sub 2000 Carbine
Mauser K-98
Mauser (1888 Spandau Armory)
Springfield M1A
Galil ARM

And, finally....a space reserved for an SU-16 as soon as I can get my hands on one!! :D

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Hi Flyer!
Wow, after looking at this thread I believe I’m pitiful! :(

I think I have beaten everyone to death with what I have.
Kel-Tec P32
Taurus PT140
But I can tell ya what I’m dreaming about.
Taurus 605CHSSC .357 magnum. I just LIKE IT!
Any thoughts?
Tc, Cheryl

While listing these at work I might have left off a few but it was a good drill to see if I remember how many guns I have anyway.


Double Barrel Side by Side 12 Ga. Coach Shotgun

Sweet 16 – 16. Ga. Semi Auto Shotgun w/ Layman Middlefield Adjustable Choke made in Belgium
Auto – 5 Semi Auto 20 Ga. 3" Mag. Shotgun

Police Positive Special .38 Special Revolver

Harrison & Richardson
H&R Top Break .32 S&W Pocket Revolver
Single Shot 12 Ga. Shotgun

Model P-3AT .380 Semi Auto Pistol

High Standard
Double Nine .22 Nickel Plated 9 Shot Double Action Revolver
Double Nine .22 Double Action 9 Shot Revolver Blued with Octagon Barrel

Magnum Research
Desert Eagle .50 AE Semi Auto
Baby Eagle 9 mm Semi Auto

Model 1889 .38-40 (.38 WCF) Lever Action Rifle (bought new by my Great Grandfather in 1892)
Model 1894 .44 Mag. Lever Action Rifle
Model 90 12 Ga. OU Double Barrel Shotgun

O. F. Mossberg & Sons Inc.
Model 151M-B .22 Simi Auto Rifle w/ Full Length Stock and Mossburg Scope

North American Arms
.22 Long 5 Shot Mini Revolver
.22 Mag. 5 Shot Mini Revolver

Phoenix Arms
Model HP .22 Semi Auto Pistol

Model 03-A3 Sporterized .30-06 Bolt Action Military Rifle

Vaquero Single Action Stainless Steel .45 Colt Revolver
Vaquero Sheriff’s Model Stainless Steel .45 Colt Revolver 3-5/8” barrel
Red Hawk .44 Mag. Revolver

Savage Arms
Model 1914 .22 Pump Rifle w/ Octagon Barrel

Model 1905 4th change .38 Special Revolver
Model 10-5 .38 Special Revolver
Model 66-2 Stainless Steel .357 Mag Revolver
Model 410 .40 Cal. Semi Auto Pistol
Model 337PD .38 +P Revolver
Model 340PD .357 Mag. Revolver

Model 85 Air Lite .38 Special Snubby Special Gold Edition with rose wood grips

(Eight) Model 12’s 12. Ga. Pump Shotguns (my favorite model shotguns)
Model 1200 12 Ga. Riot Shotgun
Model 97 Exposed Hammer 12 Ga. Pump Shotgun
Model 1 Super-X 12 Ga. Semi Auto Shotgun w/ two barrels
Model 94 .30-30 Lever Action Rifle pre 64

Carl Gustafs Stads Gevarsfaktor 1904 Sporterized Swedish Mauser Bolt Action 6.5 x 55
Spanish Made Clone of S&W Military/Police .38 Special Revolver
Spanish Made .32-20 Revolver
Saturday Night Special .25 Auto Raven Semi Auto
Rohm .22 Short Revolver

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Ok, my list:

Daisy Red Ryder BB gun (got it when I was eight)
Kel Tec P11
Ruger Blackhawk 357 mag
S&W 639 9mm
Colt Sistema 1911
Bufflao Scout Single Action 6 shot 22lr/22mag
Rossi 68 5 shot 38spl
Remington 1100 20 ga
1895 Winchester 30-06 (my granddad's gun, made in 1911 - he killed a lot of deer with it.)
8mm M98 Mauser (German)
British Enfield MkIV No. 1

And probably 20 to 30 others I've acquired and disposed of over the years. Which reminds me...

I have to tell this story. When I was in college I came home for the summer (this was mid 60's). My uncle owed a huge grocery/feed store/hotel with a huge attic that was very dark and scary. My cousins and I played around there when I was growing up, but we NEVER went near that attic. My uncle always told us he thought there were ghosts up there. Well, since I was all growd up at the time, I wanted to see what was there. Was scrounging around and came upon a wooden crate with rope handles label 'Property of U.S. Navy'. Got a big screw driver, opened the thing up and there was six BRAND NEW (and I mean BRAND NEW) Remington made 1903A3 Springfield rifles. Still had the barrels plugged and the cosmoline on them. I ask my uncle where they came from (he was in the CBs in WWII). He said the Navy had given them to the local American Legion to use for military funerals. He said 'take one if you want it' - they'd never used them and weren't likely to. Anyway....I'm not telling the rest of the story (maybe Paul Harvey will), but you notice it's not on my list.

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Well... my collection is not terribly extensive, but I hit all the high points!


  • • Kel-Tec P-32 and P-3AT
    • Ruger Mk II
    • Charter Arms Undercover .38
    • Para-Ordnance 12.45 LDA

Long Guns:

  • • Browning A-Bolt .300 Win Mag
    • Springfield Armory M1A
    • Ruger 10/22


  • • Remington 870
    • Mossberg M500A "Cruiser"

And my kids own several .22 rifles and a Remingon Model 7 .243

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Not a big list....
A Rossi .22 revolver, circa. 1980; the Kel-Tec P-11 (with 3,900 rounds through it); a Phoenix Arms HP-22 (3" & 5" barrels) for plinking; and his & her matching Kimber Eclipse Ultra II .45s (she was going to take over mine).

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not much really

para-ordanance p-16 40 colt officers model .38 prewar, smith .38 67-1, makarov ij-70, cz-52, rossi 720 .44spl, sig 220 .45, naa .22 mag mini, davis .32 derringer, glock 23, kel-tec p40, browning buckmark, ruger mark 1, eaa witness compact 9mm rifles win 94 30-30, norinco sks, czech mauser 8mm, moison-nagant m44, rossi matched pair .22 410 for my son, 1 shotgun ithaca 37 12 gauge riot gun.

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Holy!! I'm small potatoes!

S&W 38 Police Special
Tokarev TT33 (just acquired)
Wooden rolling pin
Official MIME defense package (to protect myself from the anti-mime group)
20 Lbs. of compacted pocket lint in a sock

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Only ONE other guy here with the savvy to have the ULTIMATE gun.
HOW in the WORLD can anyone claim to know stuff about guns if he doesn't have a Daisy Red Ryder??? :p

Smith and Wesson - 5946 (9mm DAO/Duty Gun), J-Frame Bobyguard (airweight 38 spcl), Model 65 .357, Victory model 38 S&W
Glock - 19,23,26,27,32
Kahr - MK9, PM9
KEL-TEC - P32, P11
Walther - PPK/S

Marlin 22 semi-auto
Unknown origin 22 (looks like a Winchester lever action)
Colt AR-15 (LEO Version)
Mossberg 500 12ga


P3AT (wife found my slush fund and dedicated it to other uses! :oops: )

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I am gonna have to work hard to get my collection up to par with some of you guys. I see some really nice handguns/firearms listed in these posts.

In no particular order;

Kel-tec P-32
Kel-tec p-11
Sig 239/9mm
Firestorm .40 cal
Beretta 9000/9mm
Bersa Thunder .380
Rossi .38
HP .22 w/ both barrels
Colt .22 New Frontier Buntline


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OK, I'll play - if for no other reason to recall what I've got:

P-32 (2)

S&W 19 - 4" barrel
S&W 60 - 2" barrel
S&W 65 LS - 3" barrel (spouse's gun)
S&W 686 - 4" barrel
Taurus 850 CIA Titanium 2" barrel

S&W 22A
Glock 19
Autauga MK II .32 (2)

EG Makarov
Bulgarian Makarov

Walther P-1
German Luger (Grandfather brought back from WWII)
Ithaca 1911A1 .45 (Father brought back from WWII)

German WWII Mauser 98K Rifle - ordered, expected next week

Couple of shotguns
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