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umc ammo fte

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I took my su to the range yesterday, using UMC ammo. I used the same brand last week w/o any problems, but this week, ever round was a fte? I also put some pca, spectra(the polymer cased ammo) through w/o a hitch. my ejector was stripping a little piece of the brass from the umc on every round. it got to the point that I was shooting only one round in the mags?
any idea's? the pca is great, and was cheaper than brass, but, not as easy to get. I cleaned the gun after my last shooting, didn't see anything wrong. could the ammo be bad? is umc reloads? any help as always is greatly appreciated.

ps. if I closed and opened the bolt, the spent round came right out, and didn't look any worse for wear, other than the small piece the ejector took
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I had the same problem when using UMC with the stock magazine but the problem didn't repeat when using the same cartridge with a Colt AR15 mag, strange? (It also left a strangely large amount of brass particles on the inner wall of the receiver).

I found the best performing ammunition to-date in all mags is a 45 grain JHP Winchester load (it's $8 for a box of 40 in Wal-Mart), never had any feed problems and great, consistent, accurate groups @ 100 yards often as tight as 1"! Winchester Q3131a... $109/500rds or $199/1000rds... free shipping. Military standard M193 ammo.

I tried w/ factory mags and w/ an orlite. same problem. but not w/ the pca.

as far as the other ammo, I got wallyworlds around, its only about 7.50 for the winchester, but I live in ma, can't have ammo shipped here anymore.
I used to buy ammo online, have it shipped ups, even w/ the shipping I still saved a bundle.

I crapped out w/ buying wolf, now I crapped out buying umc.
looks like it's time to try to pick up a case or 2 of pca or winchester. I got a couple of shows coming, so hopefully I'll get lucky.
thanks for the input
I've stayed out of this thread, 'cause of my longstanding battle with all types of Remington ammo to function at ALL in my guns without causing damage. :roll:
However, I now feel safe in suggesting your rifle doesn't like Remington.
I finally tracked down some of the Remington Golden Saber 102 gr. .380 ammo... I'm still trying to work up courage to give it a try. I'm figuring which of my P-3ATs has the most wear in case I get the usual results. :shock:
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