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After 300 "flawless" rounds through it, my P32 developed a problem with the trigger. As I pull the trigger the hammer comes back as it should but some of the time it won't "fall" no matter how hard I pull on the trigger. If I really pull it all the way back against the mag well it will usually work.

This is happening about once or twice in every mag and it happens randomly after the first shot. A "search" didn't find anything specific to this problem.

Any help is appreciated. I was shooting S&B and Gold Dots and it happened for both. Can't be mag or ammo, I don't think. It looks like a clear case of some trigger malfunction.


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First thing, check your trigger pin.
Look on the back of your trigger, in the slot. The pin that resides there should be almost up entirely into the trigger body.
It sounds like it's coming loose, and working it's way down through the slot. This results in the malfunctions you described.
The solution is to push it firmly back up into place, and use a drop or two of Loc-Tite to permanently fix it in place.
If THIS isn't it, we'll find out what else is wrong!
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