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My "Green New Deal" PF-9 is a dream to carry
but the sharp trigger and trigger guard
leave a little to be desired.

First, before doing any of this, please
drop the magazine and clear the chamber.
Thank you.

An emory board that ladies use for their nails
goes a long way toward fixing a couple of problems.

The PF-9 frame is formed in two halves.
The right and left half meet in the trigger guard.
Some discomfort can be experienced with that seam.
The opening hole for the trigger may also be sharp.

Ample sanding with an emory board
can take down those irritating edges.
Bend the emory board lengthwise over a corner
to shape it round. The rough side works faster.

The tip of the trigger can be painfully sharp.
Dehorn it with the same emory board
until you are satisfied.

Finally, it is frustrating that the PF-9 cannot be dry fired.
An alternative is to merely block the slide open slightly
and practice maintaining sight alignment and sight picture
while pulling a trigger with no resistance.
It is surprising how much that front sight moves around.

A Q-tip cut in half or similar item inserted in the ejection port side
will hold the slide back far enough to stroke the trigger.
(It is unloaded and clear, right?)

That Q-tip is also helpful during the emory board
rough edge reassignment surgery.


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