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Hey, all, I just saw something *very* interesting at I was browsing their Kel-Tec section and noticed that they have listings for 3 different P3ATs -- they're listing Blued, Hard Chrome and Parkerized. Don't know what this signals, but I suspect that they may have some knowledge that the Park'd and HC versions are coming soon. Things that make ya go hmmm.... Well, we can only hope -- I'd sure like to get HC soon.

What they don't say is if they are in stock and ready for shipment. It's not unusual for sellers or distributors to list products that are available "soon", to get your attention or possibly a back order which locks in a sale. Then they make the manufacturer the "bad guy" by saying they haven't shipped the desired gun or style yet.

FWIW, none of my wholesale distributors have anything but the standard garden variety P3AT's as of yesterday afternoon. They also don't have information or a price listing on other finishes yet.

SHOT Show is in about 2 weeks, I'll ask at the KT booth and see what they say.
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