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What is the difference between the Smith & Wesson 908 and 3913 series. I can't tell the difference, except that all 908s that I've seen, except one (at Galyans) have the black finish. Does anyone know? THANKS

essentially it's fit and finish. the 3913 is the Cadillac of the like while the 908 is the Kia. both will get you where you are going one just looks better doing it. the 3913 is brushed stainless, more rounded edges and nicer sights. the 908 has squared edges and some internal plastic parts. additionally on the newer 3913 TSW's they may have a fitted crown on the muzzle that locks up the barrel tighter and makes it more accurate. the 908 is just the 3913 without all the bells and whistles. either are a fine choice. my department issues the 3953 to some female officers and rumor has it soon to us Detectives. this is provided that we don't make the rumored weapon change to either Glocks or HK's.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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