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Test Fired

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Well I took both my P-11's to the range for the first time, the new one (blued serial #132XXX) was the first one fired, I shot 50 rounds of imported ball ammo with two misfires and no other problems. I was impressed with how controllable my little gun was and accuracy was very acceptable for close range work. The second gun is a used stainless steel (serial# 53XXX) it too had two misfires and one FTE, the misfires are probably due to the cheap imported ammo I used and the FTE is more then likely due to the old worn out springs on this older gun as it takes very little effort to work the slide. Cleaning and lubricating and a trigger stop were the only work done so far, new springs and better ammo will be for the next outing. When I'm all done with working on my two guns the stainless will be my carry weapon and the blued will be my practice gun. So far I am very pleased with my investment!!
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You might want to pull the firing pins and give them a good cleaning and polishing, along with cleaning their channels in the slides. Glop accumulates here pretty easily.
If you do this, make sure the tip of the pin slips easily through the hole where it contacts the pin... some tend to get burrs in this area, which is easily taken off with 400 grit sandpaper.
Thanks again Flyer,

Did some more polishing and spring replacement then used UMC ball ammo with no further problems. I'm not done with my two little pistols yet as far as my gunsmithing work goes. I'm modifying my SiteLite laser bore sighter to fit into the 3.1" barrel as to save time and ammo when I put the new sights on. Let you all know how it goes.
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