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Without rushing in and saying "yes" -- I'll say, "it depends"...

If you shoot equally well with either caliber in the small light package of the P-11/P-40 -- as far as shot placment goes -- then, I'd say it would be beneficial to hit your adversary with the harder hitting, larger bore, heavier bullet that the .40 S&W provides. However, if you shoot better -- have better control -- with the 9mm, then in my opinion it would be better to use the smaller caliber as your self defense cartridge.

Corbon's 9mm+P in 125gr bullet produces 1250 fps/434 ftlbs. Their .40 S&W in 135gr bullet generates 1325 fps/526 ftlbs -- almost 100 ftlbs greater force.

For some reason, I personally shoot better with the .357 Sig than the .40 S&W in my P-40/P-357. Corbon's .357 Sig in 125gr bullet produces 1425 fps/564 ftlbs. -- and their 115 gr. bullet scorches out a whopping 1500 fps/575 ftlbs.!

That is the load I chose to carry...until they came out with the Pow'Rball round. It has a 100gr bullet with a polymer ball in the hollow point that acts as a wedge upon impact to expand the hollow point -- awesome stuff! The .357 Sig load cranks out 1600 fps/568 ftlbs. If you stick with the 9mm -- check out this ammo. The 9mm+P Pow'Rball has a 100gr bullet at 1475 fps/483 ftlbs. To me, a great self defense round in 9mm.

See: for more information. You can even order directly from the factory and they'll ship it to your door via UPS.
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