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i,m torn

the .357 sig is an intriguing round. my p11 9mm has been every thing i hoped it would be. never a bobble. what does a .357 conversion entail? can i easily go back to my original 9? is the conversion a bbl. and slide, what about mags? will i have to convert mag and recoil springs? i was going to buy another mak and now you've pitched the devil into the pot. my dollars are finite. what am i to do? a.40, a .357, a mak?

to paraphrase, this is a dilemma wrapped up in an enigma.

i'll make it easy and drop the .40 from the mix. a .357 conversion or another mak?

what says the caucus? (no kerry, thanks) :?
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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