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Can someone tell me if it's critical or even important which end of the takedown pin goe's in which side of the stock? I notice that there are different sized dimples on each side of the pin. A friend of mine say's to only press the pin out from the stock's left side but, in the manual the picture show's it going in/out of the right side. So, is there a 'correct' way or doe's it matter?
By the way, I picked up a new SU-16 today and put the pin in on the left side.
Your responses are appreciated! Thank you!

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I insert my takedown pin from the left side to the right, with the large dimple on the left. I'm so used to ARs that seems backwards, but I do it anyway!
I really don't think there's a "correct" way to do it... just as long as the pin ends up securely in place and flush on each end.
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