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Hi Guys--

Haven't been around for a while. Had back surgery 3 wks ago, and before that I had to finish a project that I new I wouldn't be able to tackle for many months after I had the slice and dice job. Since the surgery, I've had to wear a hard plastic type brace that forms up from just above the groin and low hips, cuts up for the legs for mobility and ends just under the rib cage. Under the rib cage, the (plastic ??) is flared outward so it doesn't catch under the ribs. Sounds horrid, but could be worse. I can take it off at night to sleep and to shower, otherwise it has to be on. I was on a lot of my old friend Mr. Vicoden for the first few weeks, and sitting up was not recommended. I'm just now getting mobile and dropping way down on the pain pills, so thought I'd make a post.

I was worried how I was going to be able to carry, with this brace. No way can I could belt carry at the waist, and a shoulder holster would stick out like a sore thumb. Can't bend for a ankle holster, so I was a little worried for a while. Once I dropped down on the pain pills, I got out the P3AT and the Nemesis and tried putting it inside the right side of the brace. This was awkward and uncomfortable. I then tried just in front of the left ribs, left side cross draw carry. This works great!! Very easy to get to. I leave the buttons of my shirt undone to just above the gun. With the brace and a shirt worn over the brace, the gun doesn't print at all; and best of all, it's comfortable, and secure. That is it's secure when I use my Nemesis holster (otherwise the 380 slips down under the brace and is unreachable for all practicable purposes). I don't think a leather holster would be as comfortable to carry this way. The worse problem is moister on the gun, as perspiration is a given with the brace, so the gun gets cleaned real often.

One more reason why I love my P3AT-----

MI Dan
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