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I've got two -- the M-40 and the M-357. Exceptional pistols, and improvement on the "other" Austrian design in my opinion...

The triggers on mine are fantastic, and the additional safeties make the gun more attractive to me than the "G" brand.

I got each of mine for a little over $300 a piece -- a fantasic value. Leather choices were limited, but more options are becoming available. The Blade-Tech design looks promising.

I didn't care for the trademark "tradezoid" sights. My M-40 came with standard tritium night sights and I replaced my M-357's trapezoids with the tritum night sights.

Once the AWB sunsets, I look forward to picking up a couple of high-capacity magazines (no "pre-ban" exists) for each pistol.

Try one, you'll like it!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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