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got a chance to buy a star m-43 firestar, like new with starvel finish and 1 mag for 299.99 the dealer wont budge and i dont blame him it is the most perfect size ccw gun in a good caliber i ever saw. it is .4o cal. now for the ??????'s is it as good as i have heard? all i ever hear is how good great wowwee they are. and i am a lefty so the ambi safteys are handy. if you have any knowledge bout this little beauty let me know thanks

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Excellent guns.
They ARE exceptionally attractive and size-efficient, aren't they? Not to mention heavy... but heavy in the good way that provides confidence.
I can't think of a single negative to post about them. If I had any issue with one it would be with the rather imprecise movement of the safety; they tend to be a little "mushy", without a distinctly positive "click" when moved from safe to fire and vice versa... but this is a matter EASILY taken care of, to anyone familiar with the 1911's safety.
The price is fine... I'd go for it!
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