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I inherited one and I don't know much about them. The pistol is in 90% shape, the barrel looks like it has been cut down to 2 1/2 inches and they placed the front sight back on. It shoot 38 S&W rounds, which are hard to find. I think that it was made circa 1940's for Britian. I read that the 38 S&W round was similiar to the webley cartridge. It has a lanyard loop on the underside of the grip and a set of "bone" grips. It shoots great and the action is like glass.

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The Victory model was used through 1940 to 1945.
It's primarily a Model 10, the main difference being the chambering for the .38 British service cartridge. This used an unusually heavy 200 grain bullet, and wasn't a fireball, by any means.
So similiar are the dimensions, however, that the .38 S&W can be fired with better results than the British round!
A significant number of these revolvers have recently become available on the surplus market. I've got my eye on one right now at the local shop; I'm just trying to convince myself I actually NEED it... but I'll admit, there's something about a military service revolver, complete with lanyard, that's just, well, cool!
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