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Smileys on Cor-Bon

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Hello All,

I run five shots through my new P3AT this last March and the hammer spring broke. Kel Tech fixed it and it has worked flawlessly since with about 250 rounds spent. The only problem I have is with Fed. Hydra-Shoks, I have to slam the slide a bit to hand chamber the first round. Once in battery the rest chamber fine.
Now my question on smileys... I tried 20 rounds of Cor-Bon JHP today and they worked great! and the first round chambered fine with each mag. I will have to try more to be possitive but so far it is great.
I just happened to notice what a smiley looks like on a hollow point and I was surprised. I have a picture below. I have only seen smileys on ball ammo and I was surprised to see what a mess it makes to a hollow point. To me the Hyda-Shoks look very similar to the Cor-Bon JHP and I am wondering what would make the Cor-Bon hand chamber better then the Hyda-Shoks. Any ideas on this? Will this nasty smiley effect accuracy?

The gun works so well I am afraid to make any changes to the ramp.

Thank you for your time and help.

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Yep, a stock barrel is going to put some really nasty smilies on anything you stuff in the mag.
The jury's still out on what effect it has on performance; what the real question is, to me, is whether the bullet can be driven back into the case far enough to cause a case rupture from increased pressures.
Doing the Smiley mod isn't likely to affect reliability in any way... the area that's worked on isn't close to where the bullet begins it's travel into the chamber.
If you do decide to do a mod, they're detailed in the Articles section on the Home Page.
Not likely to have much effect on accuracy... but likely to have a large impact the amount of expansion the hollow point will be capable of.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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