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flyandscuba said:
Get tired of having to hold your SU-16? Wish that there was provision for a sling? Well, I did -- and found a solution.

The KT sling (part# SUB-230A) for the Sub2K will work on the SU-16 as a sort of single point tactical rig and costs a whopping $10.

Remove the top screw on the left side of the magazine well and replace it with the KT sling swivel and replacement screw. Secure the sling swivel pointing at the 2 o'clock position. Attach the sling as a loop.

Place the sling over your head and under your right armpit. The SU-16 will comfortably rest in a muzzle-down attitude at the mid-chest level (when adjusted for your body type/frame). The rifle can be steadied at the ready in this position and quickly drawn up to a modified shooting position (butt resting on the right upper arm rather than against the shoulder).

This set up works best with an illuminated reticle sight -- such as the ATN Ultra Sight Digital that I have attached in the photos -- allowing both eyes to be open for quick pointing and target acquisition.

It isn't perfect, but beats carrying your SU-16 in your hands all day, requires no permanent alterations to your weapon -- can be performed with a screw driver, and you can't beat the price!

How did you order that sling?? I would love one for 10 [email protected][email protected][email protected]!! :p
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