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Our local Dunham's sporting goods outlet has these on black Friday special for $149. I can't afford an SU-16 yet, but I'd like to get a rifle as an interim gun.

I know nothing about them whatsoever. Are they junk, OK, good deal, avoid it like the plague?

Are they an AK-47 knock-off? If so, do they accept AK-47 hi cap mags?

If not, are hi-cap mags available?

Any input?


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St Michael,
Yep, they're Russian made sporting-type AKs, and will accept standard mags.
For that price, I'd go ahead and grab one (or two)! They shoot just fine, and do anything a standard AK will do.
An AK for $149? Jeez! Wish we had buys like that here!

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The Saigas are a blast. Made at an original Russian AK plant, the rifles come with chrome bores and excellent fit and finish - even by Western standards. $150 for a rifle and $80 for a case of ammo is a formula for fun!

The Saiga rifle will not accept AK magazines. You will be limited to 10 round Saiga magazines - available from CDNN for about $17 each.

Nice little Texas wild pig rifle. Hope the hogs are there next time I go to my buddies ranch!

Out West
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