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Hello, All! Visited the range for the first time yesterday with my new P3AT. I've had about three weeks since I got it to work it over before going to the range. I've done nearly everything on GoldenLoki's F&B list, and lubed it with Tetra gun grease.

First, it's ironic that Saddam was captured yesterday around 8:30pm (U.S. Eastern time, I think) while I was blowing holes in Saddam targets only four hours earlier.

Results were impressive! I put 50 rds of WinClean through it, 25rds at 7 yards and 25rds at 25 yards, using a two-handed grip. NOT ONE PROBLEM! No FTE, no FTF, no light strikes, and the ejector threw the brass up OVER my head. Only had one head bonk, and I had my hat on, so it really isn't a problem as far as I'm concerned. I did notice that my brass is coming out "smashed" on one side, just like other posts have mentioned.
Accuracy with the WinClean wasn't as great as I had hoped. It may be that I'm just not well acquainted with my new toy, or maybe it is something with the ammo.

Foreknowledge is forewarned - having read posts about trigger finger blisters and sore hand webbing, I took my shooting glove, and I'm glad. After pumping 50 rds through the P3AT I decided I needed a few minutes to recover, so I loaded up my S&W Sigma .40 and blew a few more holes in Saddam (with WinClean again - but more accurate). It's funny, the recoil from the .380 seems a bit hefty if you start with it, but following it with .40 reminded me that .380 isn't all that stout, even when compared to .40 in a full-size frame.

Then I swiched to my .32 derringer (also my first time shooting it), found that it's accuracy SUCKS (mostly because it's so small that the muzzle comes up enough when firing that it shoots about 6" high at 7 yards). I'll remember that this is STRICTLY a belly-gun for arms-length last-resort use only...

Last but not least (as I was running out of time) I put 6 rounds of HydraShok and 12 rounds of Silvertip through the P3AT, to see how they handle and how well the gun digests them. BEAUTIFUL is all I can say. They both feed beautifully, the recoil is just fine, and they're much more accurate than the WinClean FMJ.

I'd like to do some more target practice with both, and I'd like to try some GoldDots and some other JHP, but it seems that no one around here stocks anything other than Silvertip and HydraShok. Looks like I'll have to go shopping online...
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