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Greetings all. Well after many months of pouring over
everyones posts and comments about the P3AT and P32,
I finally made the decision to go with the P3AT. Picked
it up today, registered it, cleaned it and headed to the
range. After 100 rounds of fmj and a few GoldDots all
I can say is AWSOME! It performed flawlessly, no problems,
I didn't even really need my hat on, no brass to the head.
After all the research and advice I have read here on the
Kel-Tec Range, I felt like I was quite familiar with the P3AT
and happily applied what I've learned. I found the recoil
comfortable and the accuracy suprising, 4 inch groups at
21 Feet, not bad for the first trip out.

Thanks to all of you on the Kel-Tec Range for all your
interest, hard work, patience and willingness to share
your experience and knowledge.

The Newest Kel-Tec P3AT Owner,
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