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I just wasn't getting a comfortable grip on the P3AT due to it's short trigger reach. I built up the backstrap some with a layer of tape rolled in a tube. I then decided to add some to the thickness as well, and finally wrapped my newly shaped grip to hold all the pieces in place.

The tape isn't adhesive, it just sticks to itself really well, and also doesn't seem to slip around on the grip while shooting.

I also put a single layer on my Glock 30 and S&W Sigma SW9F. I no longer feel like I'm not able to get a firm grip when my had gets a bit sweaty.

I used a little more than half a roll of strechy hockey stick tape which I bought at Dicks Sporting Goods for $2.99.

I also need a way to extend the mag release some. It still works, but not as well as I'd like.

I did end up making the grip a bit larger overall on the P3AT, but it's much more comfortable for me to shoot, and my groups are shrinking noticably in size. The trigger reach is still short for me, so I may take off the outside layer and build up the back more.
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