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So I picked up my Sub 2K yesterday and went straight to the range and ran 100 rounds through it along with my new 9mm shield. (I’m hooked!), I have an optic that I plan to add with the flip up Mcarbo mount, but I want to first get use to the OEM sights on it first. However, I do not like the sights at all. The rear sight is just too small and a bit low. so I ordered the Mcarbo peep flip sight which is a bit taller and has a larger diameter peep hole, I hope it will be an improvement. The front sight post is just not visible enough. I see all the painted aftermarket post, however, I think by just painting my OEM post will make a big difference.
If anyone on this forum has painted the sight post, have you removed it to paint it, or just painted it in place?

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