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Reloading Presses?

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My wife looked at the credit card bill this morning and saw how much money I've been spending on ammo at Wal-mart.

Having been married to me for nearly 10 years now she's aware of the futility of trying to get me to shoot less, so she suggested that it might be a good time to invest in that reloading equipment I've been thinking about. :)

I really don't want to spend a lot of money getting started, but I want a press that can allow me to load the approx 500 rounds a week I've been shooting lately in .45.

I started out considering a turret press, but I'm wondering it a progressive press would suit my needs better.

I've been looking at the Lee and the Dillon presses. Lee definately wins on price, especially when you start adding things like case feeders to the Dillon.

Does anyone here use a Lee 1000 or Loadmaster? I know they aren't built as solidly as the Dillon, but do they function reasonably well?

I figured I'd ask here because Kel-Tec owners are good at seeing through some of the elitist views common in gun ownership and figure out what works well, and what's a good value.

Any input on what you think I'll need to get started is appreciated.
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My dad bought a RCBS (is that correct?) "Rock Chuckar" kit that pretty much comes with everything you need to get started. Have reloaded .223, 30.06 and .357 with it, no problems. He also has a cheap Lee press that came free for buying a Lee reloading book.
Yup, I've got a Lee Progressive 1000 that's got about a zillion rounds through it.
If your main idea is just to load a bunch of range ammo, you can't go wrong with the Lee... Cabela's has them ready to go including dies for under $130.
All you need to supply is your primers, powder, etc..
I also bought the RCBS Master Reloader kit... and it really didn't come with everything you need. It's a single stage press, so it's not going to suit your need for loading 500rds of .45 a week, but anyone else considering this kit, which is an excellent kit, needs to be aware that there is about $200 worth of extra stuff you'll need to do the job properly. I think I walked out of the place spending a little over $500... $299 of which was the main kit.

You want to look at the Dillon progressive.
Thanks for the advice. I think I'll wander around the gun show some tomorrow and see what they have there. :)
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