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Red Dot mount Sub 2000

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While I thought it was pricey at $149 I had leftover gift money from Christmas so I ordered a red dot mount for mySub 2000 Gen 2.

My carbine is a 9mm. I have had it for about 3 years and wanted a red dot.

I purchased a Sig Romeo MSR from PSA. Price was right so why not.

the MCARBO mount arrived and I took it to the bench, mounted it and then the red dot..

The red dot had a high mount so I ordered a lower T1 mount and mounted it. This mount allowed me to co-witness it with the iron sights.

I zeroed it to my iron sights and went to the range and boom, spot on at 25 yards.

the cool thing about the mount is it mounts to the frame, not the plastic picatinny rail. so it is sturdy mounted with no worry of loosening on the plastic rail.

The mount is also spring loaded and allows you to swing away the optic for use of iron sights and to fold the gun in half!

Win win! For $230 my old eyes can see where my rounds are going at the longer distances!
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6000 rounds and still holding zero with the MCARBO mount and sig romeo!
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