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How many rounds are the springs good for on the P3AT?

I think I've put around 300 rounds through mine so far, none of it +P ammo. I have shot some winchester silvertips, and some federal hydrashocks I bought at Wallmart. I didn't see +P on the packaging for either of those, but I wasn't looking really hard either. The recoil didn't seem that bad with them, so I suspect they aren't +P rounds.

I've noticed that I can now rack the slide noticably more easily with my left hand now, and I can push the slide back a little bit without a lot of pressure now, which I couldn't do when it was new.

Have I just broken in the springs a bit, or should I start thinking about replacing them?

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Just my OWN opinion:
I think it'd be good to replace the springs every 400 rounds.
They can reach a stage where it's possible to retract the slide partially without much effort whatsoever, and this obviously isn't good!
I replace the recoil springs in all my 1911s every 2000 rounds, so 400 seems about right for the P-3AT... and it's right around that round count that the springs really lose compression.
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