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I was having lunch with a few co-workers the other day. We all shoot together on occassion and were talking guns. The folks at the next table overheard and introduced themselves. They own a shop that sells RBCD Ammo and gave us some brochures. Pretty impressive numbers.

32 ACP 37 gr TFSP 1815 fps muz vel 271 flbs muz energy 4" x 8" expansion dia x depth

380 ACP 45gr 1500 fps muz vel 283 flbs muz energy 5" x 8" expansion x depth

9mm 60gr 2010 fps muz vel 539 flbs muz energy 7" x 10" expansion dia x depth

Billed as the world's fastest handgun ammunition with a lot of "magic bullet" sounding stuff... controlled penetration, maximum expansion, total energy transfer, extreme energy level... Penetrates auto saftey glass and metal body panels while maintaining designed penetration, expansion, and energy transfer in tissue without over-penetration... The ultimate in personal defense, home protection and law enforcement... etc...

Impressive photos of big holes in clay blocks and geletin tests. Anyone familiar with this stuff?
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