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The P3AT got rave reviews in both SWAT Magazine and The Complete Book of Auto Pistols (both out this month). The writers spoke of the ease of controlability, compactness and accuracy. It is touted as a true BUG and primary when nothing else will do. If you have chance, I suggest you pick up either of these magazines and check the articles out. I am sure that KT knows this but these pistols are true winners. One writer also commented on the quality of the other KT pistols. (like we didn't already know this.) I have noticed lately that there has been alot more talk on other non kel-tec gun sites about the P32 and more often the P3AT. The fascination is catching on. I would imagine that those that doubted KT pistols before are changing their minds, I know that I have. It is good to see all of the postive press that has come about since the release of the P3AT. And to Kel-Tec, keep up the excellent work!

p.s. Maybe Marty will read this and pass it on........ :D

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Yep, saw both these and one other yesterday... the SWAT one has been out a little while, but the other two are new.
It's been a LONG time coming...
But at least the reviews are A+!
Good deal.

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:) Yes, I bought the SWAT mag just for that review,and got a short corse in -flashlight- use as a bonus. I did enjoy the review,and carry the mag around now jus to show the -doubters- that -that little plastic pistol- was a good decision on my part,and more expensive isn't neccessarily better! Seems our State Troopers are interested now for bug,that is quite an endorsement in and of itself. \\\\\\ WIL ///
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