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Well, I took my new Sub2000 9mm(Glock) to the rang today. I shot about 200 rds of Win. White bx. 115 gr. fmj WITHOUT a single FTF/FTE!!!!! :D :D :D

On the other hand I had the front sight all the way down and the rifle shot a couple feet low. I would have to shave about a 1/4 in. off the top to get it to hit poa at the 100 yds I was shooting it at.

I was wondering if the Win. white bx ammo is really underpowered for the rifle at that range? I wish I had some diff. ammo but that was it, nothing to compare to.

If not the ammo, I will order another front sight and will either cut the top down or lengthen the inner slot so I can lower it more. From what I have read here this does not sound normal or is it.

I am VERY pleased that it funtioned like a swiss watch! The sight problem is minor.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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