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I fired a clipfull of hot 115gr XTP handloads and was puzzled by the results. The magazine catch released with every shot and the fired case was trapped between barrel and slide with its' opening facing upwards. The mag had a Bersa extension.
At home, examining the extractors' grip on a case when the barrel is tilted down, I can see there's very little grip on the case rim. Just a corner of the extractor is hanging on.The claw needs to be reconfigured to give maximum grip on the rim when the barrel is in the cammed down position; not when it's in battery. Couple this with the high pressure handloads' greater grip on the chamber walls and I can understand the extractor slipping off.
I think I'm answering my own questions and will have to start playing with the extractor profile if I can find my Dremel.
Looking down into the mag well it appears the mag catch is rounded and needs to be replaced. A metal mag catch would be an improvement.
As others have noted, cases take a beating exiting the P3AT.
They strike the sharp edge of the right slide rail and dent. This has to take energy out of ejecting cases and cause occasional beaning on the head of hot cases.
Examining the ejector, it appears the ejector pin could be located 1/16" lower which, in conjunction with fitting the extractor claw to fit the rim contour, would change the ejection angle higher, perhaps missing the side rail with enough energy to fly well clear of our tender persons.
I would like to hear Marty's comments.

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In an hour or so I'm posting I think what may be a mod that solves a lot of these FTEs and dents in the cases; I did it to my P-3AT's quite awhile ago simply to get rid of the dents, but it occured to me while talking to another member that it may indeed be a cure to some extraction and ejection problems.
Anyhow, it'll be up in the "Maximizing Miniaturization" forum as soon as I get pics and stuff ready...
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