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Please indulge me, I have three more new-guy questions:

1) I have a front site that requires the use of a quarter to change it. Is the newer sight with the hex-key and phillips screw-head any better? Can the older style site be easily replaced with a new one?

2) Which direction doe's a USGI 30-round mag go into the buttstock - with the follower towards the grip or facing back towards the heel? I'm placing it facing forward but, what do you think?

3) From what I can glean from the other threads there was a batch of SU-16 rifles made that had no letter prefix before the serial numbers; and then the 'main production' (?) started with the letter "N" before the numbers. Is that correct? The reason I ask is that I have a low serial number with "N" prefix and am wondering which model bolt and firing pin it's got.

Thank you again!



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1. Not sure why you would do the upgrade unless you are having an issue with the first gen style.

2. I place the mag with the mag opening nearest the trigger with bullets up.

3. I don't know for sure, but I think some of the early production "Prefix SU's" used bolts from the first run of guns. My SU has the first gen bolt and low number with N prefix.

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I've only got the older sights with mine, so I don't know if the new type is better, or not. However, I haven't had any problems with mine at all.
The magazines go in best with the follower away from the butt, and magazine pointing inwards (bullets pointing inwards).
This can be TOUGH to learn to do properly; it's a tight fit. The best way seems to be to fit the mag firmly in the bottom section first, then push into the stock gradually, pushing the mag downwards as you go until the top snaps into place.
Now that it's in, it's a pain to get out! I used to use an empty case or stick for prying them free, but instead now use a length of nylon strap around the body of the mag with a loop sewn in it. This way, just hook your thumb in, then pull up and out.
The first 100 SUs were sold to KT employees, and the public began getting them at approximately #100. After producing quite a few rifles, BATFE stepped in and required all new KT firearms begin with a letter. My understanding is that almost all of the lettered serial #s are completely up-to-date.
So, if yours is a new one, I'd say you're 100% good to go!
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