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Posting on this and the \"other\" site?

How do I say this...I'm curious how you feel about someone asking(posting) questions on both this and the "other" KT site...
I am into both and I really get some great info and advice from both places but don't know if I should make the same post on both! I sure don't want to P/O anyone!

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I guess it depends on who you ask... Flyer seems far more forgiving over the way he and a couple of others. myself included, were treated at KTOG... which was the impetus for the creation of this board. If you're asking my opinion, it bothers me. But not enough that I would have said so had the answer not been solicited. I certainly won't hold it against anyone. Abraham Lincoln made you all free... Samuel Colt made you all equal... do as you please :)

How about this... if you want to shoot seriously, post here. If you want to shoot propane tanks, post there. Works for me?

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Midi, as usual, brings up a good point... ya just CAN'T get away with anything here, even if you're an ADMIN!!!
I suppose you could say that it does bother me a bit, too. But, it's certainly up to the user, and like midi said, no one's gonna hold a grudge.
Wouldn't have it been simpler if I'd said it that way in the beginning?
The way I can waste words never ceases to amaze me...

I think that some of us, me included still have friends over at the other site. that being said, i spend the majority of my time over here but every so often there is a thread over there that i wish to get involved in. i wouldn't have thought that it would have been a problem. i will say however that this site is moderated much better than the other one and most for that matter. usually i end my time over there trying to get members to post here. this is one over there however, that is insistent on bashing us for some reason, something happened here that set him off....oh well, just as well that he stays there.....
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