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Before sliding in your sleeve take the same inner bicycle tubing and cut 5 rubber rings 1/4 inch wide or so. Put three of those rings, one on top of the other on the upper portion of the pistol grip. Put the other two rings, one on top of the other again just a little above the mag well. Now go ahead and put in the rubber sleeve with enough care so that the rings won't bend or move. it's not that hard. The rings give it a bumped up texture that improves the grip really good. So there you go! Enjoy your newly upgraded Poor's man Rubber Grip Sleeve.

ps. My inner tubing which I got for free at a bicycle shop had a portion of it that was ribbed with some rubber lines.It made a hell of a sleeve. Darn it! wish I had a digital camera.

another ps. I don't know if someone has already done this to theirs. But this ocurred to me all on my own. So please excuse my excitement if this is all too old for you guys.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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