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PMR30 Slam Fire Malfunction?!?

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Hello all. I’m looking for a little insight into a used PMR I bought. First off, the previous owner installed the MCARBO stainless feed ramp, mag release, slide release, safety, buffer and guide rod/recoil spring… Since my purchase I’ve put around 250 rounds of 40 gr ammo mostly CCI and Norma. Everything has run amazing only one or 2 FTF when it began to get dirty. Although recently on my most recent range trip I dropped the slide on a fresh mag and the pistol fired. I paused, checked if my finger was off the trigger and then put it on “safe.” I continued with the rest of my ammo and didn’t have this issue again. I returned home and cleaned out my PMR and tried to replicate the issue I was experiencing at the range. It seems when dropping the slide the hammer drops without pulling the trigger. Even WITH the safety on the hammer still drops when dropping the slide. Not sure if this is a sear, safety or trigger bar issue. Might just go ahead and replace all 3 parts.
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Most likely issue is the sear but IMHO safety is first and if you have the factory parts, that's the safest course.
I may be wrong but I don't think the safety would be an issue here. Just sear or maybe trigger bar. Previous owner may have also modified the MCARBO parts.
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