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I just bought a P-11 with the hard chrome finish. I had been looking at the P3AT, but after handling the P-11 at the dealers I decided I liked it better.

I have a some questions:

1) My P-11 has plastic sights, is that normal? ( the dealer said it was)

2) Will Hoppes #9 hurt the chrome finish?

3) Anyone know a gunsmith in the SW Ohio area who can do the F&B?

I want to say thanks to all who post on this site. I have been reviewing your posts for a couple of weeks. Your thoughts on this gun encouraged me to buy.

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Welcome to the Range!
Yep, plastic sights are normal. Hoppe's won't hurt hard chrome at all... it WILL affect nickel finishes, but not chrome.
As for the F&B, I'd suggest shooting your P-11 after a good cleaning and lubing first. It probably won't NEED a F&B, at all.
Most of the time an F&B is simply to improve certain functions of the pistol, such as a better trigger pull, etc., on the P-11. The gun itself is pretty much refined now into a very reliable pistol as it comes from the factory.
As for gunsmiths... well, there AREN'T really any that specialize in the F&B. It's a do-it-yourself project for the most part.
I see you're in S.W. Ohio.. that's where I am. Olde English has a gunsmith, but I doubt he'd be interested in doing the work. There are a couple in the Dayton area I know, but they also wouldn't really know the procedure.
So, if after shooting your pistol you have problems, just post them here and we'll walk you through getting your pistol to 100%. The design is so simple, it's very easy to strip the pistol to the last part and reassemble it. You shouldn't have any problem with that at all, and the only tools required include various grits of sandpaper, and a Dremel tool if you've got it. Chances are, though, you'll be just fine!

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Or, you could just take it over to Flyer's house and have him do it. He loves visitors, so come on over any time. Just walk right on in, don't even bother to knock.

Plus, you'd get to meet his cat. I mean, Cat!


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Welcome to the forum. An F&B is really a light job to perform. If you have any concerns after the first range trip we can guide you through some simple procedures.

Regards, Keys 8)
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