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P3AT makes cover of \"Combat Handguns\"!

This is the cover of the MAY 2004 edition. I've heard of releasing next month's edition a few days early, but releasing May in February is riduculous! This was on the shelf at my local grocery store. I wasn't even looking for a magazine to buy, but I saw the unmistakable shape of my P3AT, and I had to have it.

Excellent article! I should write to the author of the article (Walt Rauch) and congratulate him!

Also note the advert from Pearce, advertising new grip extensions for the P11.

BTW, sorry for the poor quality photos. It's late, and the wife and infant are asleep next to me on the bed, so I can't get too far into an elaborate photo shoot here...

anyone know how it compares to the one that is offered by KT. I am currently using the floor plates from old 6906 Smith and Wesson magazines. I wanted to order one of the ones from KT but I am not sure that it is worth the money since I have an endless supply of the others.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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