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I am new to the discussion board. I have been trolling for about a month now and thank you for your efforts on providing us with very valuable info.

I bought a P3AT about three weeks ago and took it to the range where I bought it. I ran five rounds through it and the hammer spring broke. Off to Florida it went. This gun is in the H3A8X range. It took about three weeks to get back and this is where I am at today.
I ran about 55 rounds of UMC FMJ and 10 of Hydra Shock JHP.
The UMC chambered fine letting go of the slide and I did not have any problem at all through the 55 rounds. The Hydra Shock needed a nudge from my hand to the back of the slide to go into battery with each new mag but once on it's own it fed fine.

I was wondering if Kel-Tech did any work to the feed ramp. They said in the enclosed paper that they replaced all the internal parts including the springs. They replaced the barrel and slide as well.
My question is:
1- Does this barrel look to be a newer barrel then what my serial number indicates?
2- Does it look more polished then the stock barrel?

3-Also what is your opinion on the shape of the ramp?

I have to say I am very pleased with the performance now that it is working properly and the response from Kel-Tech was very good.
I did have trouble finding the right place for my finger on the trigger as I have large hands. In my first joint it was kind of uncomfortable with the long trigger throw and on the tip of my finger I lost stability. I look to have many many more rounds run through this thing so that is a minor issue. My first shot one handed was about 1/2 inch left of the center of the bull which got my attention :lol: It was only about 15 feet but I thought this little bugger shoots pretty well.

Thank you for your time and help.


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Welcome, M29!
Your new barrel seems to be typical of the new ones, although it does seem as if it's a bit more polished than usual.
The ramp shape seems normal, also.
A hammer spring breaking such as yours is very unusual; I wouldn't count on it happening again.
Most new P-3ATs seem to have that initial "nudge" requirement for seating a new round. It's easy to chamber with a quick tap on the back of the slide, but you'll find that it disappears as the pistol wears in, or you can polish up the feed ramp a little more and take care of it yourself.
Also, your serial # is one of the very newest ones, so I sincerly doubt if it's of a changed design.
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