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Out of 100 rounds there were about six that required two to three strikes to fire. One round jammed up against the bottom of the feed ramp. It looks like I'm going to have to start snipping FP spring coils. Any advice on how many?
On the Mag problem. I gave the front half of the top coil a bend of about 20 degrees upward and using a file, smoothed the follower all around in the direction of travel. The follower was then given a minute dab of Moly grease on the sides. The gun hasn't been fired since but rounds popped up more repidly when they were stripped off.
This is a hard chrome slide and barrel so a ramp job will reluctantly be done.
I used the Molybdenum Disulphide on the rails, barrel and cam, assembly pin and hammer face. The action is quite smooth.

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What ammo were you using?
Rather than clipping off coils of spring, I'd polish the firing pin and it's channel as throughly as possible. This should take care of any ftf problems like you describe.
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