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After about 250 rounds, the nose of the aluminum frame is showing some peening and battering.

My P32 never did that, even after 1,000 rounds but my P11 showed a very similar battering in the exact same spots on both sides of the aluminum frame rails at the front. I kept worrying that the peening would get worse but it never did.

I hope the P-3AT behaves in a similar manner to my P11 and I'll chalk it up to slide and frame mating up and "getting comfortable" with each other.

Any comments on this?

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It's happened to almost all of them, including all three of mine...
What I did was mark the inside of the slide with Prussian blue, and then with a flat needle file remove aluminum from the frame until it exactly matched the front of the slide.
The word from Kel-Tec on this is to lightly file the battered edges flush again until the battering stops.
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