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I am about to "close the deal" on a new P-3AT but would really appreciate your advice.

As the P-3AT will be my BUG or primary when I am unable to carry one of my larger pistols, it will be carried in a way that will expose it to a lot of perspiration.

Because of this, I would ideally like to have the slide at the least Parkerized or Hard Chromed. I have been told that Kel-Tec will have this available "soon" (Parkerized sometime "first quarter" and Hard Chromed "third quarter" Kel-Tec said).

Kel-Tec told me though that this is not a problem to do later...that Parkerized will cost $15 and Hard Chromed $20.

For all of you Kel-Tec veterans...would you agree that it is good to go ahead and purchase now and have this process done later or would you recommend waiting and making the purchase when it can be bought this way?

I have heard that if you send the pistol in, they themselves (Kel-Tec) will do their own version of a "Fluff and Buff" as part of the this true? If so, this would make buying it now more attractive.

Also I am very curious about a post I saw that said:
"KT's Crome Slide Exchange You can send in your slide and barrel to KT and for $20 they will send you back a chrome slide (and maybe barrel, not sure if they chrome that or not). But this is an exhange. You will not get your slide back! So if you have done work to it, send it to Jack (I did). "

Would this be would receive a different slide? I am not sure this is something I would necessarily want to do. Can anyone comment on this?

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I also wanted a parked version but didn't want to wait. I usually take their projected date of availability and multiply by 3 to get the actual date. Yes, if you've done work to the slide or barrel, you're going to lose it. In the long run tho, the work didn't take THAT long and it was a good learning experience that should allow me to do it better AND faster next time :)

I might inquire what the cost of outright purchasing the new parts would be as opposed to the upgrade deal.

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