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P-32 Wins!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Purchased P-32 over a year ago and based upon it I also purchased P-11 9MM, Sub 2K 9MM and about 2 months ago a p-3AT. P-32 is as reliable as a clock and allowed me to carry at all times which was not always poss w/ S&W 5 shot. P-32 is very accurate (much more than P-3AT for me) and is mainly shot 4-5 times a week w/ Lyman 311252 77 gr cast (tumble lubed) with light loads of BE. It is carried with WW Silvertips and I use round balls for practice in basement.I especially like light recoil spring, 8 rounds and lock open feature.

Purchased P-3AT that had some FTE problems which I believe were caused by my grip. I'm on my second box of 1000 FMJ's with it and I believe it is going to go live somewhere else. I really don't think there is that much difference in stopping power given where one of these would be used and I cannot get accuracry to match P-32. In addition, the .380 really beats up the brass and I have a lot of case splits after 2-3 reloads of light charges of BE or Unique. I played around with chronograph to try and isolate the best load and its possible its just the FMJ's. I tested Federal Hydro-Shok and they grouped right with reloads.

I've shot .32 ACP for years in PP's and PPK's so MAYBE I just like the .32 and that is coloring my opinion. MAYBE my hoard of better than 10,000 cases (no one wants them from indoor ranges) has something to do with it too!

P-32 is very controllable and I've used the Silvertips a few times down on the farm to eliminate pests and I have a lot of confidence in it. I'd be interested in hearing others experiences with P-32 vs P-3AT.

I want to thank Flyer for his article of flywires. Made one yesterday afternoon and works great.
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RickOshay said:
I purchased a NorthAmerican Gaurdian for use as a backup/hide out/ pocket pistol, but the lil' sucker was so heavy, it was uncomfortable to carry. Kinda thick, & definately heavy for it's size. Im MUCH happier with my P-32. it's lighter, flatter, and I've never had a problemwith it feeding or ejecting, unlike the NAA pistol.
great reports. have all of you noticed lately just how great these kt's are working anymore the bugs are gone from the kt's IMO, and that is what truly makes a good weapon. Accuracy, well have two 380 kt and one 32 kt, and all three are more accurate than I will ever be, match guns they are not but they will put them in COM :D every time from 7 yards with no effort, My wife can even do that with her 32 kt. Just super peaces and what fun guns to shoot.

PlasticGunLover said:
dam, I paid $125.00 for mine, used of course. It was a pretty good this case, the price of peace of mind cost about a days work-- not too bad!

heh of a buy IMO. :twisted: shoot a new one, one time and it is used. so no big deal to me. Tomy knowledge I havenever seen any kt that was USED that it wasn't worth a $125. IMO you stole that gun at that price...
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