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I was shooting my Sub, P-11 and P-32 today at the local indoor range. As is normal many people wanted to know what I was shooting. I showed and let 4 people shoot my KT's (for some reason they will not let me shoot my SU-16 :roll: LOL). The most interesting thing that happened was that one of the guys at the range had a P-32 as well, but wanted to shoot mine after I told them about the F&B. His buddy (also at the range) was so impressed with the group he shot with my P-32 he bought one on the spot! I felt like a rolling KT display. I may have to ask Midi for some Business cards to pass out at the range. Sure do love my KT's. :lol:

I too was at the range to other day and started talking to a guy there about pocket autos. He was looking at the Bersa Thunder 9mm. I asked him what he wanted it for and he said that he wanted to get something bigger than his P3AT. I asked him if he had considered the P-11 and he had never seen one. He looked it over, I showed him mine and told him about the [email protected] and Wolff spring replacement and he said that he would consider it. I also told him about the KTRange. GunNut and myself should get business cards and KTRange recruiters!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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