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I purchased a new in box P-11. I really liked the size and weight although I have a problem with mine and was wondering if this is normal.

I have not shot it yet and was considering taking it back to the store. Whenever I load more than 7-8 rounds in the magazine. The bottom rounds rattle around in side of the mag.

Is this normal?

I can't walk carring the P-11 because it sounds like I have a baby rattle with me.

I am using walmart winchester white box range rounds.

Any help or feedback would be very much appreciated.

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Try taking your mag. apart a couple of times

I had the same problem with all four of my magizines. I am the one that wrote turn your springs around!, maybe other members did also.
After I turned my springs around my mag. still rattled!, I then took it apart again and put it back together and it still rattled!, I then took it back apart once again leaving the spring turned around, and dont even ask me why because I do not know! but it stopped rattling period!. I can now shoot all 4 of my magizines, take them apart and clean them and put them back together and I have no more rattles period!.
I would try taking them apart and putting them back together with the spring turned around about 3 times and see if the rattle stops!. Mine did. I know this makes no sence what-so-ever but it worked for me!.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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