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At 5:00pm this evening, I was watching a local station, WOOD TV, Grand Rapids, MI. When they had a local news beak-in that Michigan had flunked a national gun safety test based on the Brady Bill, because we had Concealed Cary Permits. I watched until the National News came on, and they said nothing more about it. I called the station and voiced my displeasure that they would say that I, or anyone else who had a legal CCW would be a danger to my neighbors or the children of Michigan. The lady who answered seemed astonished that I would take offense to this news headline. I realize, that the phone information I'm adding is probably long distance for a lot of you, but I'm still going to put it down in hopes that some of you will voice your displeasure, that ANY TV STATION WOULD BLURP SUCH A NEWS BREAK, THAT LABELS PERSONS WHO HAVE A CWP AS DANGEROUS---yes I'm shouting, and I hope that others will call and add their voices to mine, no matter what state they live in.



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