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During my conversation with the Kel-Tec tech going over how to fix my stock. I asked about purchasing the extened butt pad shown on their web site. I found out it was not ready for production, they are re-enforceing it. To my amazment the Tech stated that he would send me one of the pre-production prototypes!
I would need to fill the empty space to help it remain ridged on my own though. He suggested foam, I thought silicon might work. I ended up with foam.

I LIKE IT! Feels great! I still need to go to the range and test it out, but I do not see any issues coming up. Anyway here is 2 quick pics...think of them as early access! They did mention they should be ready soon so be on the look out if this intrest you. The install was easy BTW, and the screw driver is only in the pic to hold up the old pad.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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