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1ST post here. I have been lurking as I researched getting the P17 as my 1st firearm.
67 yrs. Long time vintage Airgun addict, shooting 100k+++ pellets in my indoor range. (see my 'new members' post for partial current airgun list.)
World has gone crazy,,,Can't ignore it anymore.
Lucked into a tan P17 last week, $214.99 +20 shipping. :cool:
Arrived last week. 4,000+ Background checks ahead of me. My FFL guy sez maybe by Christmas....Gotta love those public servants.

So much info to sort through in different places.

Dry fire.? ... lots of valid opinions & practical experiences.
Watching a 'break-down basic cleaning' post, I noticed how the "sword" shaped firing pin, fit in the bolt.
Could it be engineered for the 'hilt' 'ears' to stop the tip of the pin before it would otherwise crash into the chamber rim?
I know very close tolerance, but everything is same tight tolerances.

Sorry if this has already been discussed, I may have missed it. Soo much info about the P17 seem scattered in many places.

Many Thanks to all who have generously shared their time, knowledge, experiences and love for guns here, and helped me step into the world of fire arms.
B Safe
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