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Thanks Flyer for directing me here. I have a P-3AT on order and can't get enough advice and assistance. I look forward to dropping by regularly.

Picked up my test ammo - just about every brand available, ordered a KD pocket holster, got my Dremel ...all I need now is the gun! Just a few more days.

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Latest on the other Kel-Tec Bulletin Board, from Ray the webmaster:

"Once again some other JA on the server
has a script that's messing up and making
way too many MySQL connections, so it's
making it so the board can't connect and
there isn't [expletive] I can do about it until
the host figures out whose script is causing
the problem and gets it taken care of.
I figured it'd have been fixed by now,
but of course it hasn't. No telling how
long this might be."
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