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I got the chance to shoot my newly acquired P40 today. I only shot 50 rounds, mainly because the trigger feels sooooo much heavier than my P11 does, perhaps it has the old, heavier spring. I only had one failure to feed, the last round on the first mag I shot just nose dived into the feed ramp, and this only happened once. I am thinking it may be the mag, I think (from what I have read on this board) I have the 2nd gen mags (mag catch holes on both sides of mag). The P40 also fed and functioned fine with my P11 mag. Accuracy seemed good, no paper targets to shoot at but I was consistantly able to hit 18in x 24 steel plates from 25yards. I was also able to take 3x5 index cards off the plates from 25yrds with a little effort. I think I am going to like this new gun a whole lot. Any thoughts on the FTF / magazine issue? Sorry if I am rambling on here, its kinda late, and I'm just a little tired.

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