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Hey all! Could anybody tell me a little about a P-11. I looked at one at my local gunshop, It was a 9mm, but not sure if it was a P-11, pretty small and cute. I pulled back the slide and it seemed like the guide rod rose pretty far up towards the barrel. My glocks do this a bit, but not as excessive. I was thinking about a little Kel-tec 9mm, since some of our fellow deputies have them and LE price is like 250. Are these pretty reliable backups???? thanks in advance - J :lol: :wink: :wink:
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I've had my P-11 for a year now, S/N 121xxx. It has a trigger shoe (I find very comfortable) and night sights, pinky extension on the mags, and a Hogue Jr. grip. I've run 4,000 rounds through it (mostly Wal-Mart whitebox FMJ or JHP), and I consider it to be VERY reliable. I usually carry either in SmartCarry or RJ Hedley's pocket holster with Cor-Bon 115 gr. JHP. I used to have a belt clip on it, but I wasn't comfortable carrying it that way with one in the tube and the trigger exposed (it made me especially nervous when the dog jumped up on me). It gets cleaned and lubed after every trip to the range and very seldom has a misfeed or failure to eject (maybe one every 500 rounds or so on average). Would I trust my life with it? You bet... :D
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