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Hey all! Could anybody tell me a little about a P-11. I looked at one at my local gunshop, It was a 9mm, but not sure if it was a P-11, pretty small and cute. I pulled back the slide and it seemed like the guide rod rose pretty far up towards the barrel. My glocks do this a bit, but not as excessive. I was thinking about a little Kel-tec 9mm, since some of our fellow deputies have them and LE price is like 250. Are these pretty reliable backups???? thanks in advance - J :lol: :wink: :wink:
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If the P-11 is a new in box, current production model it should serve you just fine. The pistol has some limitations that keep it from comparing to $600 guns.

For your $250 dollars you get 10 rounds of 9mm. If your duty gun is a S&W 9mm 59xx or 69xx series then your BUG will accept the same magazines, a big plus.

Some older models had issues. For your $250 you are getting a gun that might have some of the same issues. There is plenty of good documentation on dealing with the minor stuff. What comes at no additional cost is a great customer service attitude from Kel-Tec. If you find a major problem you can feel safe knowing that you will be taken care of.

The one thing I do not like about the P-11 is that under very rare conditions it is possible for the gun to drop fire. For this reason I will not carry it in an open top holster. If this is an issue with you then do some reading and make up your own mind. I would only carry a "cocked and locked" 1911 under the same conditions.

I own a number of Glocks and carry them when possible. I carry a P-32 when nothing else fits. I have held off buying a compact Glock because I feel that the P-11 fills this gap for a pistol of this size. I may buy a G-36 but am waiting to see what Kel-Tec has coming out. If they introduce a single stack pistol 9mm or larger then that will be my next purchase.
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