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Just fired my Sub2k in G19 version I bought last week. Wanted to let you know about my experiance.

I have three Scherer mags that have functioned flawlessly with my Glock 19. After reading various reports that aftermarket mags do not work well in the Sub2K, I thought I would put mine through the test with my brand new Sub2K.

I fired 300rds of Win. white box, 100rds Corbon +P115gr. JHP, 40rds powR'ball +P100gr. and 60rds Win. SXT 147gr. JHP. Not one feed or ejection problem at all.

When I received my Scherer 33rd mags I noticed burs from the molds. I gave the mags, what you guys would call, a fluf n buff job before I even used the mags. I removed all sharp edges and the plastic around the feed lips.

Beside the hack G19 conversion that kel-tec did, I was impressed with the Sub2k. There are some sharp edged here and there that need to be smoothed out but for the price, you get one hell of a little plinker. I have a few projects planned for it. I think I'll put my old B-Square BSL-1 laser on it. I ordered a pressure switch from Tac-Star for my Surefire and a Samco flashlight mount. This is gonna make one great camping gun. So far I have installed the Picatinny mount and the 1" stock extension. IMO, I think both items should come with the gun.
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