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First time poster here as well as a first time Kel-tec owner. I purchased the rifle based on several online reviews, one review worth mentioning is Flyers (excellent review thanks!).

When I picked up the SU I wasn't sure about it. It seemed flimsy and cheap. The gun just looked fragile. So you know where I'm comming from my other Hi Power rifle is a M1 Garand.

I was able to take out the SU-16 Sat 7/10 to a range out in Lancaster CA. I had zero problems with the KT mags with a 30 rounder (unknown make) the magazine would go in too far and prevent the bolt from feeding a round. Pulling out a bit solved that problem but I won't be using it again.

The "iron sights" were dead on out of the box. We shot a gong, about the size of an avg car battery at 50 yds.

Now here is the kicker. There was a gong out at the 600yd marker. We were hitting it no problems with the "iron sights".
I didn't get to group it but I'm sure it'll be good enough.

All who shot the SU were impressed with this little .223, I know I am.


Quote of the day: "just the thing we want to try with an unzeroed .223"

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Welcome, TJ!
Yes, the SU-16 really needs to be shot and handled awhile before you can really appreciate it.
It's got amazing accuracy potential, as you've seen. As I've written before, I consider it the ideal "Homeland Defense" rifle; same mags and ammo as our military rifle in a handy, afffordable, and ACCURATE package.
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